Will Ramsey

Will Ramsey is a Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Adversity Overcomer, Life Coach. Will speaks and coaches and will go to events all over the Country.

Will with His extensive background in sales Will wants to bring a new perspective to the retail industry that God can and should be a part of the sales process, what does that mean? Being a servant, taking care of them and giving them a world class ethical experience…From the meet and greet to the follow up call after the customer gets home. Will helps clients promote growth through their most important asset their own employees. Bringing high energy and sound best practices, along with the latest technology and skills. Using strategic partnerships to bring unprecedented results. Bringing industry best solutions to take clients to the next level and retain customers not in whatever environment the client needs.


Will Has 25+ years of sales and leadership development experience. He is a Pastor a highly sought-after speaker and an entrepreneur. Will has led top sales teams in the Retail Automotive & Rv industry. With the help of God, Will is learning to have strength and Get through the darkness of losing his only son. His Goal is to help people navigate through adversity and loss and come out stronger on the other side. With a FocusForward approach which means keeping your eyes on the next step he helps people realize their full potential and show them that God has a plan for their lives they Just have to be open to receive it.

High energy, highly motivated, driven to promote growth and to take Teams to the next level. The current mark is never good enough. There is always more. God is taking Will in a new direction helping build his kingdom. God must increase, Will is looking forward to what the future brings in God’s will.

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