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A Father’s Journey Through Darkness Growth from the Loss of a Son

There is a time when you ask the question “How?”

How am I going to make it through the next moment?

How am I going to make it through the next Day?

This book is a look into the moments when those questions and many others get asked and the answers are slowly being revealed.  

This is a guide on how to get through tragic loss. To be better and not bitter. Losing my son Brock could have caused me to go down a path that could have led me to destruction. With the Help of God and leaning into Him I’ve been able to learn how to #FocusForward on what God has for me and not Long back over my shoulder at what I’ve lost, and I might have left behind.  The Key is to move, stuck will cause you to lose sight of the next moment.  Read this book and use it to get through tragedy and move towards the light of God.  He will move you towards better if you let Him, He will comfort you in times of darkness. Come with me on this Journey. It will change your life.

A father’s journey


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